Outsourcing In Home Med Spa Service Providers

Growing a med spa, like any business, is challenging.  With all of the tasks associated with increasing service providers, it is important for owners to stay focused on running their business to protect their brand in the long run.  Fortunately, third-party staffing firms are available to outsource the recruiting and hiring process, allowing business owners to focus on growth rather than acquiring personnel.  While outsourcing in-home service providers may not be the best fit for every med spa business, there are many advantages to contracting with an outside company to meet staffing needs.

Cost Efficiency

Ultimately, outsourcing nurse recruitment and hiring can help your med spa’s bottom line.  Recruiting efforts, job advertisements, background checks and skill assessments are often costly and time consuming.  And for most med spas, hiring tasks often come at the expense of other critical business responsibilities, which can cause serious day-to-day disruptions.  Med spas that are looking to hire a large number of in-home providers themselves may even require additional HR staff to accommodate the increased workload.

Third-party talent outsourcing can also save med spas money in less obvious ways.  Staffing agencies specialize in matching businesses with candidates who already have the skills and experience your position requires, eliminating the stress, time and money associated with training new hires due to business growth or employee turnover.  Hiring firms also function as entire HR departments that can oversee other time-consuming tasks like payroll and compliance administration.

Time Efficiency

Like it or not, in business, time equals money, and businesses can only grow as quickly as they can provide services.  Staffing companies are experts at recruiting, hiring and filling open provider positions, saving business owners time and growing their workforce faster.  By outsourcing resume reviews, candidate contacts and interviews to the experts, med spa owners can focus on their business operations.  Delegating these tasks can especially benefit overtaxed teams that are dealing with large workloads from the start.

Top Talent

Outsourcing nurse hiring at your med spa will give your business access to the very best job candidates. Hiring firms have large pools of quality, experienced passive job candidates that are difficult for traditional HR departments to attract.  These passive job candidates are not actively looking for new jobs but are open to the best opportunities at other companies.  As a result, staffing companies will often match fewer high-quality candidates with an in-home provider position at your business rather than a higher number of low-quality candidates.  


Staffing companies are well known for providing companies with short-term or temporary employees.  In fact, some passive job candidates are only interested in contract or project-based work.  Others specialize in providing services during weekends or nights to fill service demands outside of normal business hours.  For med spas with high-demand periods, seasonal or other niche workforce needs, third-party staffing companies may have ideal temporary candidates that can help businesses weather increased or unique service demands without committing to a permanent provider.

Risk Reduction

There are risks associated with hiring the wrong employee for your business.  Fortunately, hiring firms mitigate these risks for businesses by thoroughly vetting candidates through background, reference and/or credit checks prior to matching them with companies.  Depending on the requirements of your business, agencies may also perform skills, personality or drug testing to assess candidate suitability for your brand.  

Hiring agencies may also apply their own character, safety and work ethic standards to their workforce.  Agencies will often work in parallel with med spa HR departments to develop, implement and enforce industry-specific safety policies.  Some agencies even offer six-month to one-year guarantees on providers they match with your company to further reduce risks associated with hiring the wrong candidate.

Hiring Specialists

Third-party staffing companies specialize in recruiting and hiring the best talent in a specific industry or geographic location.  Because of their ability to specialize in hiring and recruitment, staffing agencies also understand the hiring trends and compensation required to secure the best candidates in specific industries.  This can save med spa owners the trial and error required to hire in-demand providers.

With large talent pools of both active and passive candidates, agencies are capable of specially selecting providers with the skills and qualities you value most as a med spa owner.  In turn, companies are matched with the right candidate the first time every time.


One of the lesser-known advantages of outsourcing provider hiring is confidentiality.  By leveraging a third-party staffing agency, no recruitment advertising is associated with your med spa, and other businesses are not privy to your staffing or service plans.  Hiring confidentiality also safeguards your brand’s reputation and current employee morale.

Third-party staffing solutions may be an excellent fit for med spas looking to increase their in-home services and/or geographic area, particularly if the business doesn’t have a sizable HR department to manage the recruitment, hiring, compliance and retention of nurse providers and estheticians.  It is important that med spas connect with the best staffing firms with industry-specific knowledge and clearly communicate which qualities and skills are most important to their brand to develop the best possible relationship between the med spa and the staffing specialists.  Fortunately for med spa owners, staffing is one area where outsourcing can save time, money and sanity.

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