Mobile Med Spa Solutions to Grow Your Business

Welcome to myMedSpa, the ultimate solution that empowers med spas to break physical barriers and tap into the thriving demand for in-home med spa services.

How our holistic system functions:


Personalized Web Storefront

We kickstart your journey by white-labeling a web store exclusively for your in-home services. No more generic interfaces! This ensures your customers are met with a familiar, trust-building environment, to effortlessly choose and order the desired service.


Branded Mobile App Access

Upon service confirmation, your customers gain access to a white-labeled mobile application that carries your unique brand identity. This intuitive app empowers them to effortlessly schedule, modify, or manage their in-home appointments at their convenience.


Provider App for Nurses and Estheticians

Each scheduled appointment syncs seamlessly with our specialized Provider App, designed exclusively for the service providers associated with your med spa. Nurses or estheticians can view, accept, and manage appointments, ensuring timely and efficient service delivery.


Provider Recruitment & Vetting

We take the weight of employee vetting, onboarding and management off your shoulders by meticulously recruiting skilled providers. And as an added advantage, we provide them exclusively to your med spa, ensuring consistent service quality and unmatched professionalism. Our providers’ compensation is directly linked to your earnings, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

Why Choose myMedSpa?

Enhanced Reach

Expand beyond your brick-and-mortar spa with premiere at-home services.

Trust & Branding

Maintain your brand’s integrity and familiarity with a white-labeled desktop and mobile application with personalized interfaces.

Efficiency & Coordination

Seamless coordination between customer and provider apps facilitates real-time appointment scheduling and updates.

Quality Assurance

Our rigorous vetting process guarantees that only the most qualified nurses and estheticians represent your brand.

Embrace the future of beauty and wellness with premiere at-home services.

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