B2B Relationships For a Better Digital Immune System

Most people recognize the immune system as their natural protection against disease – a network of organs, tissues and cells that protect the body from foreign invaders. Similarly, a digital immune system refers to the hypothetical “health” of a business’s technology, or how efficiently it processes new data while preventing cyber attacks and system failures.1 The concept of immunity can branch into other business sectors, as well, especially new B2B relationships that require a threshold of time and care to maintain.

Innate Problem-Solving

A tech company’s immunity from problems – flawed digital functionality, broken B2B trust or a poor user experience – boils down to two schemas comparable to the human body’s two disease-fighting systems. The first, the innate immune system, is the body’s rapid response to infection all humans are born with. This is comparable to the initial technology a company develops, or the blueprint which establishes a standard capacity for security and efficiency. During this development period, businesses implement quality assurance (QA) testing to increase the innate resilience of their technologies. 

Still, no matter how robust the QA checklist, there is still a lack of comprehensive, real-world exposure limiting new technology’s immunity. Just like the human body, businesses require tangible life experience to form a plan for optimal wellbeing. 

Adaptive Immunity

After humans are born, innate immunity pairs up with a second, adaptive force to form a fully functioning immune system. This acquired disease-fighting system develops protections against new microbes over the course of a person’s life. During the early years, the body keeps detailed records of every disease it battles so it can quickly defeat those germs should they strike again. As the years pass, the immune system encounters fewer new diseases to strategize against and the body enters a more consistent state of equilibrium with fewer illness flare-ups.

From a business standpoint, adaptive immunity marks when the real-world exposure officially sets in. Just like the human body, businesses must bear the impact of aggressive problems, memorize the indentations and prepare more advanced systems to ward off future strikes. For technology platforms in particular, developing immunity is an ongoing evolution marked by intermittent periods of rapid tech advancement and steady-state consistency. For businesses in general, adaptive immunity often requires an initial B2B relationship-building push followed by more uniform maintenance and fewer new relationships. 

System Maintenance: B2B Relationships

How do humans maintain their immune systems? Although adaptive immune responses are naturally occurring, the level of effectiveness varies depending on certain lifestyle factors. Getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and exercising are a few basic methods of supporting a high-functioning immune system that knows when to fight and when to back off. Businesses must also perform system maintenance through impactful relationships with businesses, consumers and any other relevant parties. Asking for feedback, listening attentively and developing customized solutions are a few basic immunity-boosting strategies to preserve a company’s positive standing.

How important is B2B maintenance? One study shows 86 percent of buyers or partners will pay more for a great service experience, with 80 percent expecting a partner company to invest even more in their B2B relationship than their B2C.2 Among leading B2B expectations, options for self-service, immediate support and real-time data were the most highly reported.2

For a Better Business and Body

A healthy company immune system – one which both develops the foundation for and adapts to evolving priorities – is a significant point of strength in the often volatile health tech industry. Just like the human body, businesses must draw on both immune systems to effectively problem-solve and perform routine system maintenance to elevate its capabilities. For Haled Care, developing a B2B model that emphasizes automation, support and real-time data has been paramount to both the technological and relational aspects of our mission. 

As Haled Care continues to build its own immunity, we hope our partners, customers and examiners will also reap the benefits of functional health and stability – in business and the body.


  • B2B: Business-to-Business
  • B2C: Business-to-Consumer


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